10 Mar 2017
09:00 - 12:00
Aventine Ballroom


What does beautiful Logistics design look like?

Robert Gilbreath

You probably don’t think about design when it comes to order fulfillment. In this presentation, Robert will share four principles of design and how you can apply them to your logistics processes. Whether you are a seasoned-shipper or not, this presentation will suggest a new perspective on process design that you’ll likely be able to use outside of your shipping department as well.

Futureproofing Your Business: Understanding the Next 10 Years of Commerce

Jill Rose

The rapid adoption of mobile and its inherent impact on consumer behavior has forever changed commerce as we know it. Today the focus is on ensuring customers can shop and pay however and wherever they choose – online, in-app or in-store. Over the next decade and beyond, the new commerce experiences that emerge will be defined by their ability to provide even more context, curating a personalized experience that’s more seamless than ever. Jill will walk through the next 10 years of commerce, its impact and opportunity for your business.

B2B in the Digital Age

Jon Reily

Many B2B companies are struggling to leverage digital effectively in an increasingly consumer-focused world. With an intermediated model, episodic client needs, long-sales cycles, and a fundamentally people-driven business, many B2B customers now expect B2C-level experiences from their partners. Learn how digital has become more prevalent among B2B companies and is changing the way organizations think about marketing, even those that have traditionally avoided the latest wave of innovation.